Potty Training… it’s time to start

Well, this is something I’ve dreaded since the reality of having a boy set in. Sometime around that 10-12 month mark when the general gender neutrality of the infant stage started to wear off and Ben started to get into everything I realized he wasn’t going to be the easy mark that Evey was in relationship to potty training. I mean look at him… he just looks like trouble doesn’t he…

Ben at the zoo

Evey was a snap. We decided to test the water the summer after she turned two. She picked up the relative idea quickly and then when we went on vacation to a friends house she saw their little girls using the bathroom and snap… she decided and it was done. She was trained. Now that’s not to say there weren’t accidents but she was done and it wasn’t 6 months before she was day and night trained.

Ben has had different ideas. He is not interested. He’s got better things to do. Trains that need choo chooing, cars that need vroom vrooming, swings that need swinging and slides that need sliding but that potty definitely does NOT need pottying.

Potty Training PowerSo when Sean Platt of Writer Dad emailed me last week and asked if I’d be interested in taking a look at the potty training program he and his wife developed and possibly doing a review I was excited to get the chance. I got the material on Tuesday and I was really impressed. It’s a really well put together package.

So now it’s time. It’s time to put this thing to work. So starting today Ben is in potty training boot camp. Hopefully it will work and in two weeks Ben will be sporting those Thomas the Train undies he’s been coveting for a month or maybe we’ll still be slinging diapers and pull ups in two week. We shall see. I will definitely keep you posted.

In the mean time if you want to check out the program we are trying you can get more information by clicking the image or visiting PottyTrainingPower.com

Stay tuned… at the end of this journey I’ll give a full report on how it went and how well the program worked for us.

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