Prismacolor Skin/Hair Guide Book

Prismacolor Hair and Skin Tone Cheat Sheet Tutorial

Hey everyone! I wanted to pop on and share a little book I made not to long ago to help me remember what skin color combinations and hair color combinations worked well. I posted this over on Club Anya and Friends not to long ago but also wanted to post it here as a reference.

To make this book I took a plain sketch book, it was a left over from my husband’s work, and stamped Fancy Anya twice on each page. I wanted a stamp that had lots of hair and skin to color so I could get a clear idea of what the combinations looked like. Then I just got to work recording the combinations I typically use. I’ve got them all posted below. Some of the pictures need to be clicked on to see the details in the picture.

Here’s a shot of a full page so you get the idea how the book is structured.


Dark Brown Hair/Olive Skin:


Medium Brown Hair/Fair Skin with yellow cast


Dark Blond Hair/Fair Skin


Black Hair/Dark Skin


Light Blond Hair/Fair Skin


Light Brown Hair/Fair Skin

light brown

Red Hair/Fair Skin

red hair

Strawberry Blond Hair/Fair Skin


There are still a few combinations I haven’t worked up yet and I’ve been taking notes on other color combos that I think work nicely too, like which colors make the best shadows etc.

I hope you find this helpful and might think about making your own reference book!

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