Random Thoughts for Friday

I’m just going to slog my way through some random thoughts today as I feel the urg to blog but have nothing in particular to blog about.

1. Go read this post by McMommy. She rocks and her post about blogging is spot on. (No, I’m not British but I like to pretend to be on my blog.)

2. I hate work drama. I was sucked into some yesterday surrounding a fairly close friend of mine and it sucks. Plain old sucks.

3. Three day weekend coming up – that ROCKS!

4. Both the kids have been moderately sick this week. Ben was up twice last night coughing and hacking away. Poor guy is miserable at night. 🙁

5. I’m going to order new glasses this weekend. 5 years with the same pair is a little too long.

6. Here’s a little Friday Foto…

ruins of a shed

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