Sad tales of why Jen’s TTIC challenge piece is late again

wow that is the longest title I’ve ever written. you should see the permalink for that baby – it needs it’s own weather system.

okay. so yeah, yeah. I’m late again. why? you ask with toe tapping thinking it better be good. well it’s good.

head over to and take a gander at our new subscription link thinging in the sidebar. that’s custom made by me. took me freaking forever yesterday and it’s all custom code in the php. yeah that’s right. I edited things in the php. I KNOW. you are shocked. i was shocked. i’m even more shocked that it works. so that’s why i’m not done with my stuff.

i’m also not done because christookmeouttodinnerandalmostamovielastnightwhenishouldhavebeenworkingonthis.

but i’ll get it done.

now go check out the other fantastic creations by the fab design team and the other participants who are equally fab. 😀

Beth ~ Dani ~ Eve ~ Jen ~ Julie ~Margie ~ Rebecca ~ Tonya

On a side note of complete unrelated randomness… does anyone have any ideas how I can tell my neighbor/collegue that the clay movie she shows her kids every year is boring enough to put Bella and Edward from Wide Awake to sleep? I don’t want to hurt her feelings but geez, it makes me sleepy when I hear it across the hall. (If you like Twilight and haven’t read Wide Awake you definitely should.)

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