I spent many a precious minute trying to come up with a cheeky title for this post and failed miserably so I settle for taxes.

Hallelujah. After 5 hours using TurboTax online (3 of which were spent trying to find one of Chris’s missing W-2’s, found in his glove box *grimace*) and one short phone call to Brad I was done. Next year we are sending them back to our tax guy. He’s a little slower than doing them online but he’s cheaper than buying the updated TurboTax, he is great at maximizing our return and doesn’t give me nearly as big of a headache. Now that it’s all done we are getting a healthy chunk back and it’s already earmarked for continuing our mission to be debt free.

And in the immortal words of a very wise man…
This is too difficult for a mathematician.  It takes a philosopher. ~ Albert Einstein

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