That New Car Smell

AHH! I am so happy. We have finally gotten all our car troubles figured out. I didn’t post much about it but hubby drives or I should say used to drive a black VW new Beetle. He LOVED that car. He got one when they first came out – waiting list and all. And he drove the heck out of it, right up until the water pump exploded, the timing belt also exploded, the timing belt bent the piston rods and may have cracked the head. Now you may be wondering how did he not notice any of that happening – well I’ll tell you – because it all happened within about 5 minutes. So $1800 in repairs later we decided it was time to get a new car. We decided on a lovely silver Toyota Camry LE. Photo_10

She’s not too fancy but hubby did manage to finagle the extra options he wanted – oh and she doesn’t have the fancy ground effects like the one in the picture – I wanted those but hubby was not a fan. Hopefully old Bailey will soon be the pride and joy of some very lucky teenager, once we get her out of the repair place that is. And now we need to find a name for this new beauty – she’d definitely a girl but names are alluding us. 

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