the art of the snappy comeback

It’s generally accepted amongst my real life friends that given the opportunity to think of a snappy comeback when faced with a snarky comment that I will fail miserable. I will sit slack jawed and red cheeked before I think of something to say or what I do think to say with be just a little too bitey for the situation, so I tend to stick with option A.

At 4 Evey has managed to avoid this personality flaw and is already quite the quick and humorous thinker. Case in point a conversation between Chris and Evey at Banana Bread (aka Atalanta Bread) last night.

Evey: I really love cheese pizza. It’s so yummy.

Chris: That’s good. I like pepperoni.

Evey: I really LOVE cheese. Pepperoni is EW.

Chris: If you love cheese so much why don’t you marry it.*

Evey: If I marry the cheese and we have a cheese wedding the pepperoni can be the petals.Β  (As in flower petals because 4 year-olds dream of being flower girls forever.)

After I giggled for an immeasurable amount of time I sat there immensely jealous because I never would have thought to say that.

Now a little Wordless Wednesday that is completely unrelated…

This weeks work in progress.

piano 006

* Chris…. luv you. πŸ˜‰

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