The fog over my eyes

I’m gonna whine for a while so please excuse me…

I am so worn out that my head has that slight exhaustion fog that you get when you haven’t had enough sleep for 4+ days and you know you aren’t going to get any for the forseeable future. Ben and Evey are both sick. 🙁 Evey seems to have the worst of it, so far. She was up a couple of times last night (as was Ben) and she came home from pre-school today with a 101.5 fever. Thank goodness for my mom – she was able to pick her up and is taking care of her until school is over.

I’ve been very very busy at work. I’ve been taking digital pictures of all the students artwork and creating a digital gallery for them. It’s enjoyable – something that I really feel is worthwhile and I love doing it but man is it a lot of work. Each piece has to be mounted, photographed, editted and uploaded. I have 246 students with 3 piece of art…each. I’ll post a link when it’s all shiny and done. 😀 Though I wouldn’t expect that I’ll get every single piece up there – but I’m going to try to do a lot of it. Thank goodness for Photoshop actions and automation.

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