The Fog…Update

Here’s a quick update on the weekend happenings at my house…Evey ended up with whopper of a fever both Friday and Saturday – both nights getting up to about 103.5. By Sunday she was fine. Ben on the other hand is still having a hard time. I ended up having the leave work early Friday to get him from the sitters and take him to the doctor. He is having some fairly significant wheezing trouble and his meds aren’t helping him so we are back to breathing treatments every 4 hours and oral steriods with little change. Poor guy is so miserable. The steriods make him ravenously hungry but he has a hard time eating because he can’t breathe and eat at the same time when he’s wheezing hard. I’m off to put in a call to his pediatrian…

*****Post pediatrian call update*****
We are heading to get a chest x-ray immediately after I get off work to see if there is something else going on with his lungs.

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