the great toy purge of 2008

In preparation for Ben’s birthday and Christmas we piled every toy we own in the living room this weekend:


It was cleaner than that but Ben decided it was a great time to go through every box and examine the contents.

It’s pretty humbling and embarrassing to see the ridiculous amount of toys our kids have when all of them are piled in one location.

After organizing the toys by type Evey was given the task of picking her very favorites. Then Chris and I went through and found the ones we were attached too. Don’t laugh, when you play with the toys too you have favorites of your own. The rest were bagged up into 3 XL trash bags and are going to be taken to Goodwill and the local Social Services today.

Now I wish I had an after picture to show you but it would really just be a picture of our clean living room seeing as 3/4 of the left over toys went back to Evey’s bedroom.

What sort of winter cleaning have you been up to?

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