The Polish Store

Ah – the things she comes up with at three. And the things I could do with that much creativity – boundless.

As I was helping her in the bathroom she asked me, "Mama, do you wanna play polish store?"

I sit for minute with a confused look, "Polish store?"

"Yeah, polish store, you know where you get polish," in a matter of fact, how can you not get what I mean tone.

Slowly figuring it out, I ask. "What do you get polished at the polish store?"

"Your nails. Pink, Mama." Ah! The light bulb moment.

"Where did you learn about the polish store?" Intrigued as I’ve NEVER had a manicure as I prefer paint under my nails as opposed to on top of them.

"I learned it up." She grins, clearly proud of herself.

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