They are getting bigger

I noticed today that Ben started saying Elmo. Not Elbow. And all the sudden he’s morphed out of that toddler unsure of exactly how to use his legs stage and morphed into a boy. A running, climbing, rambunctious boy. He walked down the stairs today using the railing all by himself. He didn’t wait for me to hold his hand and he didn’t fall or hesitate. He just walked down the stairs. After I started breathing again I clapped and smiled along with him when he said “Yay! I did it.”

Evey wrote her entire alphabet today, alone. It was legible. It’s starting to become abundantly clear that even though I’m not nearly ready for her to start Kindergarten next year she’s going to be more than ready. She had her dance evaluation this week (really – they evaluate the 4 year old class – oh, wait she’s in the 5-6 year old class) and they recommended she move into pre-ballet because she’s doing so well in the intro class and because she’s ‘naturally graceful’ – she must get that from Chris. When did she get this big?

We’re off to have breakfast with Santa bright and early this morning. I’ll post pictures this afternoon. 😀

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