time flies…

Man. I forgot how busy life is when I'm in stay at home mom mode. It's busy when I work but the routine of that makes it manageable. When it's summer and I'm left to my own devices I don't really do the schedule thing well. Thank goodness for Google Reader or I would be soooo out of the loop. So here's what we've been up to…

School ended last Tuesday and by a hairs width I made it out before teacher check out was over. For the most part I'm DONE until August 14th or 15th when teacher workshops start again. I have a few meetings sprinkled in but not too many.

Wednesday we started summer with a bang by taking Ben and Evey to Paradise Park with some friends. I opted to get a year pass so we'll be heading there a lot this summer. Three hours and some happily face painted children later we had a nice lunch and headed home. It was a great day….except I completely forgot about Mario's speech appointment, opps. It's summer who needs a schedule, right?

Thursday we hung out with my Mom and shopped and stuff.

Saturday we did typical weekend stuff…mow, clean, etc. We had a great dinner with friends and their kids. We pulled out the fun sprinkler for the kids to run around in.

Sunday was the first dress rehearsal for the Evey's dance recital. Next Saturday is the first performance. I have to say I'm so proud of her. Not only does she look super cute, she really like it AND the girls got skillz. (Yes with a Z.) Don't know where she got them from cause I certainly can't dance and Chris sorta looks like Elaine on that Seinfeld episode…

Taking a side track…if you are looking for cute, not going to make you pound your head on the wall till your ears bleed, kid music check out Singin' in the Bathtub by John Lithgow…yeah the dude from Third Rock From the Sun…who knew? (they have 'em on iTunes.) They are dancing to At the Cod Fish Ball for the Peach's recital and it's SUPER cute!

Today it's rainy and thundery so we are hanging with some library books and we are going to head to the craft store for a messy Father's Day surprise for Chris. And Ben has his 18 month check up today, that should be fun since he's starting to have big time doctor phobia…but I give him credit…he's definitely got his reasons.

Ah, how I love the slow pace of summer.

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