tiny dancer

This weekend was Evey's first dance performance. And oh my do we have a little Diva on our hands (yes with a capital D). They danced at a local festival and it was so cute. She was super excited. not a hint of stage fright (don't know HOW that happened) and very animated on stage (there's photographic evidence, keep your pants on).

After the performance we stopped and got some cotton candy thanks to her dance teacher letting it slip that there might be some at the festival…way to make the people who pay your salary really happy with you. I hope you can see the sarcasm. Then we grabbed Grandma and motored off for some lunch at "The Blue Place," Evey's nickname for her beloved Culver's. Ben took a little siesta while we ate.

Next stop….wedding extravaganza. Chris's friend Rachael got married Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding at a really cool old church. The wedding was wonderful. They did a little bit in the middle where the bride and groom wrote letters to each other (before the ceremony) and the pastor read them as their vows. It was really sweet. After we made our way over to a cute, quaint, way to small restaurant for the reception. Thank god there was an open bar or I don't think any of us would have lasted more than 20 minutes in the standing room only cracker box with not nearly enough air conditioning. We caught up with some of Chris's old work pals, had a few beers (or vodka cranberry in my case), had a nice dinner and enjoyed a great evening chatting it up, well after we discovered there was a roof top balcony with a wonderful view and an even more wonderful breeze.

Now on to what you really want to see…the pics of Evey's dance performance.

This is the face I got when I asked her to smile. Nice huh?


Bustin' a move…


Belting it out…


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