’tis no toddler, ’tis an eating machine

To the alien baby snatcher who took the
old no talking, no walking, no eating Ben and left behind this new
and improved, walking, talking, eating machine…you can keep the old
one, we'll keep this new model.

Ben EATS. He eats a lot. He eats a
variety of things. Wow. I seriously was wondering if this day would
ever come.

Ben didn't walk until 18 ½
months. He didn't say his first word until 19 months, not even Mama
or Dada. And he didn't start eating, really eating, until Monday. This Monday.

So here is the back story since I
didn't have this blog until after this all started (though I have started to try to add it in here). Ben was born 7
weeks early with Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome. The really short
story is that his heart rate was 323 beats per minute on the fateful
day I went in for my routine check up at 33 weeks. He was far enough
along that this meant c-section. Now. He was born with loads of
complications. The short list included organ failure, heart failure,
fetal hydrops (defined as abnormal accumulation of fluid in 2 or more
fetal compartments – this is BAD and usually fatal), the WPW I
mentioned earlier and an Apgar score of 1. Miraculously he only had
three lasting complications, the WPW, chronic lung disease (which is
bad but not nearly as bad as it sounds), and an extremely sensitive
gag reflex as a result of the numerous tubes and ventilators that had
been in his throat.

So what does all that mean? It means as
Ben grew he had issues with his heart (and while he hasn't had any in
a while there is potential for it), he was sick a LOT, and he had
trouble eating. When most babies were eating finger foods Ben was
eating purees that I made in our blender (you try blending a hot dog
or lasagna – it's not pretty). Added to that for what ever reason
was a delay in gross motor skills and verbal skills.

As of Monday, Ben is officially normal.
Not a spec of delay in sight. Every single thing about him is caught
up. Even more astonishing is that he seems to have started to surpass
normal to be an over achiever.

In one month he is walking and as of
today, running. He spoke his first word and his first sentence “I
get it.” He started counting…un, TWO, ee. And his is eating more
than my 4 year old at dinner. Tonight he had baked beans (a new
favorite for sure), au gratin potatoes (from scratch, none of that
box stuff), and peaches.

Holy cow, little man. I can't express
how amazed I am at your achievements. You blow me away.


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