Trick or Treat

In a hasty rush this morning I snapped off some pics of Evey and Ben as they prepared to head out to the babysitters. Evey has preschool this afternoon and will be flitting around as Miss Tinkerbell. Ben is saving his costume debut for this evening so he is sporting the manliest Halloween tee I could find for the under 2 set: orange and black tie dye with a friendly boo spouting ghost. (Please excuse Ben’s hair. He desperately needs a hair cut and thus it sticks in what ever direction it feels like no matter how much I brush it and I can’t bring myself to subject either of us to the torture that is a haircut.)

Isn’t this how it always goes? If you get one of them looking cute and smiling for the camera, the other one is looking the other direction or picking their nose or covering their face or in this case cramming their mouth with Cocoa Puffs..

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