This week our Twilight Tuesday challenge was issued by Margie of Oh Bumble is Me. She chose Twilight cars which is such a cool idea. Cars are a pretty big supporting character in the books from Bella’s beater truck to Jake’s rebuilt VW Rabit to Emmett’s monster Jeep, they are just every where in the books. Last night as I was working on this I actually started making a list but stopped when I got over ten.

Craft Challenge:

So for my project I thought I would try my hand at digi-scrap and as a bonus you get a little update on my Edward drawing. 😀

(Click the picture for a more detailed view.)

The scene from the beginning of Twilight where Edward backs out of his parking spot first keeping Bella from leaving the parking lot before the boys decend to ask her to the dance is one of my favorites so I started with that scene in mind. So using this awesome scrap set from The Scrap Loft I set out to illustrate this scene. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to share the updated version of my drawing of Edward as well (you can see I still have quite a bit to go). The quote that you can’t really read says:

In his rearview mirror, Edward’s eyes were on me. he was unquestionably shaking with laughter, as if he hear every word Tyler had said. My foot itched toward the gas pedal… one little bump wouldn’t hurt any of them, but that glossy silver paint job. I revved the engine. Twilight, pg. 78.

And of course I had to include a picture of the Volvo. After reading these books I’m never going to look at a Volvo quite the same way again.

I’m still a digi scrap newbie so take it easy on me. 😀

Comment Challenge:

What would be your ideal Twilight car?

Well, honestly I would probably be driving Bella’s truck. My teenage years were filled with hand me down cars with loads of character that I tried not to love but secretly did. There was the dirt brown Mazada 626 that I started driving on that had no power steering, the white Chevy Cavalier station wagon that my college buddies nicknamed the ‘love wagon’ much to my aggravation and chagrin, and finally the powder blue ’93 Ford Taurus that we retired in 2006 when the Taurus started mysteriously dying for no reason. This string of cars taught me that automobiles have personality and build character. 😀


Now if I could really have any one that I wanted… it would probably be Emmett’s Jeep. I have wanted one since probably forever but gave up after college because it’s completely impractical. (And for the record I would not want the monster souped up one, just a normal one.)


So what Twilight car would you choose?

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Car images courtesy of Twilighters Anonymous.

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