TTIC 25, update 1

I’m starting over. I’m seriously frustrated right now. I spent a good portion of the day correcting some small proportion mistakes – especially the mouth. Got it all done and I was happy with it so I started shading. Well lets just say that inferior paper makes for inferior shading. I have never seen anything like this stuff. It works beautifully with the base layer of pencil but completely resisted all additional layers of softer pencils. Not to mention that even though I draw super lightly you can still see erasure lines through the value. URGH.

I was multitasking with this and using it as a demonstration piece for my 8th grade advanced class who just happen to be doing pencil portraits but I’m going to have to start over because this paper is ridiculous (and it happens to be the paper they are using as well – it hope it works better for them). This is probably going to be one of those things where you wouldn’t see the difference unless you were working with the material but I’m going to go crazy trying to finish on this paper so I’m off to find better paper.

Here’s as far as I got before I stopped…


I’m hoping to have a new update tomorrow that’s further along on better paper. (Yes, I’ll have to redraw the whole thing but that’s the easy part.)

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