TTIC 30 – The Ballet Studio

This week Dani picked an awesome theme for today’s challenge – the ballet studio from Twilight.  She said:

Sigh. There is just something about James…

Anyways, I have always found this an interesting scene. I am not sure if I like the book version better than the movie version though.

I am also not sure if I agree with Edward’s decision to keep Bella from changing into a vampire.

Craft Portion: Create a project that shows your favorite part(s) of the Ballet Studio Scene.

Comment Portion: How do you feel about this scene from Twilight. Was it not scary enough? Do you think Edward made the right decision to keep Bella from turning?

My craft portion of this is going to be up a little later this week as I have been feeling very under the weather the last couple of days and haven’t been able to focus on anything long enough to be creative (this is my third shot at this post).

Comment portion… This whole entire part of the book was something I felt very contrary to when I was reading.  It was such an abrupt change from the beginning of the book that I did not enjoy it at all, even on subsequent readings. It just didn’t seem to fit with the feel of the rest of the book. Now in the movie I felt entirely different. This was my favorite part of the movie. I thought the casting of James, Victoria and Laurent was superb, the scene was well shot, quite visually dramatic to quote James and really just the best part of the movie.

As to whether it was scary enough, I think that’s a matter of perspective… but yes, I thought it was scary enough.

Did Edward do the right thing in keeping Bella from turning. I think yes, at that point. Their relationship was so new and even if it was intense 6 months is not enough time nor perspective to make a permanent life altering relationship decision. Plus we wouldn’t have had New Moon (which I LOVED), Eclipse or Breaking Dawn.

Now go check out the lovely creations of the design team and stop by the blog today to see what our other participants have made!

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