TTIC 31 – Graduation!

This weeks challenge was chosen by the fabulous Rebecca.  Be sure to stop by her blog and check out her fantastic design this week – I’ve already stopped over that and she has made a beautiful and unique gift this week!

Now, our challenge! The theme this week is Graduation. Perfect timing, huh? Rebecca said:

One of my most favorite scenes in the movie occurs when Edward is showing his home to Bella for the first time.  As they go up the stairs, they pass a huge frame full of graduation caps.

Bella asks “Graduation caps?” and Edward replies “Private joke. We matriculate a lot“.

Craft portion: Create a project suitable to give as a graduation gift!

Comment portion: Reminisce about your graduation … or an upcoming graduation for someone in your life.

I’m going to start with the comment portion because I have that part done and add my craft in at the end of the day.

The graduation story… hmm. It’s kinda normal as Jen stories go. Chris and I went to college together and so did three of his (now my) close friends from high school. We were all sort of the joined at the hip through most of college and so when we graduated we all graduated together, except Brad… but that was worth it for the Sweden trip, eh? And he finished up the next year. Graduation was just like you would expect…. crowded, hot, sweaty, long, uncomfortable, and AWESOME. When the ceremony was over we drove back to Chris’s parents house for a post party with the family and that about wrapped it up. Chris already had a job so he was gearing up for that. And I was off to hunt for a job. And there you have it. 😀

Craft Portion: I went with stamping again. I had a couple of jewelry ideas but they just didn’t pan out for me so I decided to make a card.

I was sort of channeling Alice again for this one. I started with a crisp black card stock and then started layering with some white. I used my MS paper punch to do the scalloped edge, the mortar board stamp is from Michael’s and the Time to Celebrate is just my normal handwriting, spruced up a bit with some doodles. Next I threw on some white ribbon and a bow (which was really inspired by Julie and her bows) a couple of sparkly dots here and there and voila. Classy and fun yet pretty simple since I’m still getting the hang of this card/stamping thing.

Please join us and play along! Visit for details!!! And visit the other design team members for some fantastic ideas!!!

Beth ~ Dani ~ Eve ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca ~ Tonya

P.S. I’m going to be sitting the next couple of craft rounds out for TTIC. The school year is wrapping up and I am swamped. I also just recently found out I have to pack up all my cabinets into boxes because they are refinishing all the cabinets in my room this summer so I will no doubt be up to my ears in boxes pretty soon. I’ll be back for our June 2nd challenge. 😀

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