TTIC 53: The Transformation

This week Alison picked our theme and boy did she pick a great one. This is what she said:

I am so excited to be bringing you my second challenge! This one is a little different, because you get the opportunity to make yourself the subject! Spoiler alert! Don’t continue reading if you haven’t finished the Twilight Saga!!!
In Breaking Dawn, Bella transforms from human to vampire. In life, we all go through changes…though not as severe as Bella’s! What kind of changes have you physically gone through? Cut off all your hair? Dye it blue (like me?)? Nose job? Pregnancy? Lost a lot of weight? We just celebrated Halloween… did you or someone you know wear a costume that transformed them to being unrecognizable?
Craft Challenge: Create something that narrates a physical change you’ve gone through
Comment Challenge: Tell us about your change, or a change that you wish you could go through!

While I didn’t get a chance to do a project… general busy-ness combined with cold medicine that made me really drowsy kept me from my late night crafting session but the rest of the design team did create some gorgeous projects… you can find them here:

Alison ~ Dani ~ Donna~ Erica ~ Eve ~ Margie ~ Rebecca

I bet a lot of this week are going to talk about our kids. My two kids are so amazing. And they have been the biggest single change in my life and both for such different reasons.

Miss E was the beginning of Motherhood and the end of do what ever I want when I want Jen. She was an amazing baby after the first couple of weeks. She was always happy and relatively easy for everything.

Mr. B was not such an easy experience. He was born quite early and spent a great deal of time in the NICU on life support with serious health issues but now he is fully recovered and healthy (well mostly). This particular event in my life put so many other things in perspective. There is nothing that matters more than the health and wellfare of my kids. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff never meant quite the same thing after this because so much of life is small stuff and this event really helped me see that and I really don’t get wound up about stuff the way I used too. Things that would have driven me to distraction before his birth were so little after that. And I do have to say that sometimes I still need a dose of looking at his baby pictures to give me a reality check. This one does it everytime.

You can read more about this story in some of my previous posts. (Yes I know I haven’t finished. I’m going to finish it soon though.)

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