TTIC #8, Bella

This week’s Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge was Bella. Bella is both easy and difficult all at the same time. How do capture a girl who is both ordinary and extraordinary all at once? Well, you let someone else do it for you and just draw the picture, that’s what you do.

This week I went with a pencil drawing of Kristen Stewart as Bella. Most of the other movie actors aren’t quite what I pictured for the characters but Stewart is Bella. This is one of my favorite movie stills of her…she really captures Bella in this shot.


Click the pic to get up close and personal.

This drawing took on a life of it’s own as I worked. I tried out a new looser pencil technique with this that I am very pleased with now that it’s finished. The line is energetic but much more subtle than the style I used for Alice…just like Bella.

Woodless graphite pencils on 70 lb drawing paper.

Now I’m supposed to tell about a Bella moment in my life. How about all of them except I haven’t run into any mythical creatures lately. I’m a total klutz. Grace is not in my genes. The worst thing that has happened to me happened in gym class – imagine, lol. I was a junior and I was making up the mile after school because I had been sick. I was running it in the gym because it was too cold outside and it just so happened that the wrestling team was practicing in side also. About half way through out of no where my ankle gave out and fell spraining it really badly. And the best part…wait for it…I had to sit there until one of the boys came over to see what happened because my teacher was in her office. My foot was black and blue for two weeks. It was the grossest thing I’ve ever seen.

To see the other prizes besides the jewelry below that are associated with this contest check out Tonya’s blog.

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