TTIC, part 2

So in continuing with yesterday’s theme of show and tell I give you…

TTIC #5: What Team Are You On?

The inspiration this week is “Who’s team are you on?” Are you Team Edward? Team Jacob? How about Switzerland?

Well I have quite decidedly always been Team Switzerland. For all of Edward’s angsty perfection, Jacob has his good qualities as well. So I came up with something for each.

This necklace is made with red jasper 6mm round beads hand wrapped on sterling silver wire in clusters of three. These clusters are separated by short sections of sterling silver link chain. A toggle clasp closes the necklace and a simple Team Jacob tag adorns the center.

Though Jacob’s wolf is not introduced until New Moon I loved how the earthy look and color of these beads seemed to embody Jacob’s heritage and personality.


So then there was Edward. Nothing is more intimidating then trying to represent perfection. Simple, complex, flawless, glittery perfection. And then it hit me. Less is certainly more in this case. As I dug through my bag of beads I came across these gorgeous Swarovski cosmic crystal beads. They were perfect.

His skin, white despite the faint flush from yesterday’s hunting trip, literally sparkled, like thousands of tiny diamonds were embedded in the surface. Twilight, pg. 260

A single Swarovski cosmic crystal bead is hand wrapped on a sterling silver head pin and embellished by a Bali silver beads. This is linked to a hand stamped Team Edward sterling silver disk. The pendant hangs from a delicate Italian silver rollo chain with a lobster clasp. The matching earrings are made using two more Swarovski cosmic crystal beads hand-wrapped on sterling silver headpins and hung from sterling silver earwires.



More images can be found here.

All handstamped tags were made by Mary Ann of Pink Papillion Jewelry. Her pieces are fantastic.

I am still behind on two more TTIC’s. I’ll be posting more as I frantically try to catch up. 😀 Who knows what you’ll get next time…drawings, jewels, something new?

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