TTIC#14 Baseball, Cullen style

This weeks theme for our Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge was Baseball – vampire baseball.

Eve picked this weeks theme and I was so pumped when I found out what we were doing. Then I was stumped. The baseball theme is my favorite scene in the movie. Everything about it is wonderful and I LOVE the song choice. I remember sitting in the theater wondering how they were going to use that Muse song and when it started playing right as they made it to the field I about jumped out of my seat. They managed to turn one of my least favorite scenes from the book into my absolute favorite scene from the movie.

But what was I going to do for the challenge. Jewelry didn’t jump out at me and as much as I would love to start another Edward drawing that’s just not reasonable since I have yet to finish the first (thought I did work on it for about 2 hours last night) and then I tossed around the idea of drawing Jasper but same issue. Then it hit me. I had a glass pendant kit at home that I hadn’t used yet and this would be perfect. Then true to Jen form I failed to read the part of the directions that said must dry for 24 hours. Wha??? So…. they are done and they are going to be awesome but they aren’t dry yet so I’m holding off on pictures because I don’t want to ruin them. I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow as soon as I can.

But I do have something to share!!! I have pictures of last weeks challenge and I’m going to update this post a little later with an update on my Edward sketch.

So here are my pictures of my craft for TTIC#13 – supporting characters. I chose the pack in last weeks post. I have had this wolf pendant for over a year and had intended to use it for a Jacob themed necklace but inspiration never hit but when I started working on the challenge for last week I know exactly how to use it and I LOVE it!!!


To create this necklace I started with the wolf pendant and the large link circle chain. As I was digging through my bead box trunk I came across the turqouise chips that I forgot I had and it all fell in place. I suspended the turqouise chips on wire and surrounded them with sterling silver twisted rings and smoke topaz Czech glass. In between these links are sections of the coolest large round link chain. I finished the necklace with a sterling silver claw clasp. The finished necklace measures 17 inches. This is currently for sale in my Etsy store.

Stop back by later tonight to see an update on Edward… it’s coming along slowly but nicely. πŸ˜€

A Few Housekeeping Items:

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