TTIC38 – The Honeymoon

This week’s TTIC Challenge theme is Edward and Bella’s honeymoon. Our challenge presenter this week is Dani (she’s also our very lovely sketch challenge host… she rocks. :D).

Here’s the official wording:

Craft – Make something that you feel represents Bella and Edward’s honeymoon.

Comment – Tell us about your honeymoon (no personal details please!). Did you go somewhere or see something special? Or did you just hide out from the world and enjoy being with your new spouse? If you haven’t been on a honeymoon, that is ok! What is your dream honeymoon?

***Before we continue… there will be Breaking Dawn spoilers after this point… continue at your own risk.***

Dani’s likely to be sorry she let me loose on this one because I have to say this part of Breaking Dawn is NOT my favorite. As a matter of fact when I read Breaking Dawn when I got to the last page of section 1 I shut the book after contemplating launching it across the room, said “What the Hell.” and walked away for a WEEK. I’ll just politely say that I thought this part of BD jumped the shark just a tad. Now I’ll fully admit she pulled it together later but there was shark jumpage.

Stepping off soap box…

Now on to my creation. Dani please forgive me, I’m about to be very cheeky. And I dedicate this card to Nic who will no doubt bust a gut when she see’s it in this context.

I give you…


A very cute, very pink, very Alice, congratulations card.  (If this makes no sense to you then you obviously haven’t read BD and you shouldn’t have ventured this far.)


Now, to be more respectful of Dani’s choice because I really do feel a small bit sad that I couldn’t behave I also made this that could double for this week and TTIC37.




This may be my most favorite card I’ve made so far. I am just in love with that black and cream damask paper. It’s gorgeous. I had originally thought I would use if for Donna’s TTIC37 – Romance but it doubles so nicely for this weeks honeymoon theme as well. It’s definitely a little something Edward would leave behind when he went off hunting.

For our comment challenge we are supposed to tell about our honeymoon. Well, our honeymoon story really isn’t complete without revisiting my You Did What at Your Wedding post.

Chris and I ended up going to San Diego for our honeymoon. We spent an entire week there and it is one of my very favorite cities in the US. We had a great time. We went to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Legoland, Del Mar, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Apple Store… you know all the important places. 😀 We had a fabulous time and I would love to go back for another week sometime soon!

Beth ~ Dani ~ Eve ~ Jen ~ Julie ~Rebecca
Margie and Tonya are taking the week off this week. 😀

And Our Guest Designers:

Alison ~ Donna ~ Jacquie

Be sure to head over to the TTIC blog and get the details about this month’s blog candy which is being hosted by Eve!

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