TTIC42 – An Unlikely Friendship

This week’s challege was selected by our newest guest design team member, Erica!

Here is what she said:

Breaking Dawn is my favorite book of the series, like many of you, so I was really trying to think about what I loved about the 4th book. Of course I love the romance, but that is throughout the whole series. One thing that I love about Breaking Dawn is how SM really looks into Jacob, especially his relationship with his new pack, especially Leah.

“It would be interesting, at the very least, and strange, too, to have Leah as a companion – as a friend. We were going to get under each other’s skin a lot, that was for sure. She wouldn’t be one to let me wallow, but I thought that was a good thing. I’d probably need someone to kick my butt now and then. But when it came right down to it, she was really the only friend who had any chance of understanding what I was going through now.” Breaking Dawn, Book 2 pg. 336

For the craft portion:
Make a project using at least 2 items that you wouldn’t think normally go together. Whether it be two colors, or two different patterns or something elegant and rough, it is up to you. As far as the subject, have fun with it. Celebrate one of your unlikely friendships or an unlikely friendship in the Twilight Saga.

For the comment portion: Do you have an unlikely friendship? What makes you different but what unites you at the same time?

I unfortunately was not able to get my project finished yesterday. I had the best of intentions but have been battling migraines for a little while now and was hit by one pretty hard last night when I had hoped to finish up. I will be posting my project a little later this week. BUT… don’t dispair… there are tons of awesome projects to be seen from the other design team members. Hop on over the their blogs and give them a shout!

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