Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge 60: Red

Um, wow, can you believe it’s already been 60 challenges… the time goes by sooo fast. Anyway…

This week’s challenge is the the color red and it was chosen by the lovely Erica! Here’s what she had to say:

I love red. It is one of those colors that envokes so much emotion. Whether it be love or hate, red is passionate. When watching New Moon I just love the visual of all the people in red capes at the Saint Marcus Day Festival. Red was all around during Christmas time, and now with Valentine’s day, there is so much inspiration around.
Creative portion: Create a project either using the color red or expressing what red means to you.
Comment portion: Tell your best “red” story. Is it that great red dress that caught everyone’s attention, have you “seen” red before, anyone like Red Velvet cake? Anything goes!

Alright well I love a good color challenge and I love red so lets do this…


I have been dying to have a chance to use this Wild Flower Kids digi stamp and when I saw this was going to be the challenge for this week I knew it was perfect. This is Valentine Lily . I colored her up with my Copics… this was my first go at red hair… I still need  a little work on that and a couple new markers, lol.

Now how does this symbolize what red means to me… hmmm…. I wish I could say that I had some deep intellectual meaning for why I made this card but I just don’t… I love Valentine’s Day as just a fun day to celebrate my kids and husband and friends. So that’s where I went with this card. 😀

Now on to a few more card details:



Evey and I worked on this project together and she wanted me to post her card today too so you get to for the price of one. 😀


Evey’s card uses the same stamp and same paper as mine and that’s where my help ends. Her HUGE five year old personality doesn’t allow for any of mama’s input and I like seeing what she creates all on her own. I just man the paper cutter for her.

Comment portion: Lol this is a bit hard for me because I’d have to say as personalities go I’m the least “red” type of person I know. I’m generally mellow and introspective… But as Erica mentioned… I do love some red velvet cake. OH! That does remind me… for Evey’s first birthday I decided I was going to go all out and make her a cake for her birthday and I settled on a ladybug cake. The day of her party I started very early in the morning make the the cakes. The main body of the lady bug was huge and required a whole cake mix it self. Well, as the first one stuck to the cake pan I ended up having to go back to the store to buy more. This put me behind and I was frantically trying to get the cakes baked so they would cool in time to frost and assemble the cake. I started on the frosting and quickly discovered that the amound of frosting I was using was going to come out a nice lovely shade of pink instead of red so I ended up dumping the ENTIRE bottle of red Wilton dye into the bowl and finally got a nice red. And the cakes turned out great!!! And our guests only slightly hated me for staining their kids hands and mouths red for the next three days.

Now go check out the rest of the wonderful design teams work!

Alison ~ Dani ~ Donna ~ Erica ~Jen(ME) ~ Jodi

Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca~ Tonya

Card Details:
Stamps: Wild Flower Kids Valentine Lily, Recollections, TPC sentiments
Paper: Papertrey Ink Simple Valentine, White Cardstock, Rustic Cream cardstock
Ink: Menento Ladybug, Rich Cocoa, Black
Accessories: Copics, Martha Stewart hearts edge punch, Kaiser paper flower, Kaiser rhinestones, Crayola markers

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