Umm, yeah so…

I now have the nasty crud my kids had last week. I could do a nice ode to how my whole body aches and the fever I had last night but I'm going to spare you.

I have more important stuff to discuss. We bought Spore yesterday!! And as if you even had to ask, I'm completely addicted. I have a long time love of any kind of sim game going back to the original Sim City and WarCraft/Starcraft etc. So this game is right up my ally. They hyped the heck out of it and so far it seems worthy of the hype. There's been loads of moaning about the fairly restrictive DMR on it but I honestly think folks are over reacting.

So on to the premise. In this Sim game you start out as a single celled organism and have to evolve up to a centient being. From there you evolve to a society and on to the space race. Along the way you get to design the way your creature looks as well as the different technologies that go with your society. It's already inspired some good laughs in my house.

Buyers beware though, the addiciton factor is high. Chris was up into the very wee hours of the morning playing.

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