vampires, squirrels and a haz-mat suit

Monday afternoon Chris texted me this:  Movie night tonight? Vampires? *quirked eyebrow

I was all like, wah? He wants to buy something. Surely he can’t be serious.

But really he hadn’t seen Twilight yet and he was desperate to at least see why I’m obsessed with that Edward guy what the hype was all about. So after tucking the kids in bed we popped in the DVD I snagged on Saturday, that had sadly been sitting neglected on the kitchen counter still suffocating in it’s plastic wrap.

Here is the top five list of comments he made during the move:

  1. For a guy that never sleeps, Edward has wicked bed head. Yes, yes he does. Would you mind growing your hair out like that?
  2. So no garlic. No fangs. No holy water. No capes. No coffins. No wooden stakes. No silver bullets. Are you sure this movie is about vampires? Yes, eyeroll. That’s why it’s GOOD.
  3. Bella can stop running if she’s just wash her stink off once in a while. (bonus extras to this one are below, it went on for hours) Let’s just say that the whole Biology fan scene when she sniffs for b.0. left an impression.
  4. Why doesn’t she ditch her jankity truck and ride Edward to school? Gigty. Family Guy, I hate you.
  5. I can read your emotions too! You are pissed off I’m commenting on the movie… Jen, I think I’m a vampire. This was after I explained Jasper’s power, he was not impressed.

So needless to say I don’t think he’s ever going to watch is again unless you count walking past the TV as I watch it over and over and over. 😉 I think he gave it a very generous 3 stars and one of those stars might have been just cause he loves me. I’ve seen every Star Trek movie just for him, we’re even now.

*** Here are the bonus parts to number 3. I nearly peed myself when I read the squirrel comment.

  • Or wears a haz-mat suit.
  • Or rubs some dead squirrels on herself.
  • Or lives in a hamster ball.

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