wednesday weigh in #1

This is my first official weigh-in on my road to healthy. So far I’m really excited to say that I’ve made progress and I’ve been doing things that I’m pretty sure I can live with for the long haul. So drumroll please….

I lost 4.8 pounds this week!

And to be truthful it was the easiest ‘diet’ week I’ve ever had because I really didn’t diet. I just tweaked a few simple things. I honestly did not expect this much of a result. 

So what did I do? Here it is:

  • I drank an insane amount of water.
  • I started taking my lunch to work and made sure to include a raw vegetable and a raw fruit.
  • I started eating a small salad every night with dinner and it was the first thing I ate each time.
  • I used a smaller plate for dinner.
  • I ate breakfast every day.
  • And had our exercise bike not broken on Monday I would have done 30 minutes a day.
Now of all these things I have to say I think the increase in water intake made the most difference. 3,000 trips to the bathroom not withstanding, it really helped a lot. I wasn’t as hungry this week and on the plus side my skin is clear as a bell.

I’ve still got a really long way to go but I’m pumped to be seeing progress and these changes aren’t straining my daily life so I’m sure I can stick with them. With Thanksgiving this week I don’t expect next week to be quite as big but I’m determined to stick with the things I’m doing so far.

Hop over to to see how everyone else did this week.

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