Wednesday Weigh-In

I haven’t been great about posting about this lately with the holiday’s and such but it’s time to get back on track.

Things have been going pretty decent recently. The holiday’s didn’t derail me quite like I thought that would though they have sort of caused my progress to plateau. So it’s time to re-evaluate a bit. I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been letting some bad habits sneak back in such as:

  • eating the last few cocoa puffs left in Ben’s cereal bowl in the morning
  • trading water for Diet Dr. Pepper
  • eating an extra roll with dinner
  • not eating enough vegetables

Bottom line, for me, when things get busy I tend to fall back on bad habits and I need focus on forcing myself to stick with my plan.

Now did I gain this week. No. I’m with in 1/2 a pound of where I was last week. But that’s not progress enough. Here’s hoping for a loss next week.

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