Weekend Recap

Wow, it was a busy weekend and I shall ramble about it. What initially was supposed to be a quiet relaxing weekend morphed it's way into being loads of work (mostly for Chris). After a late breakfast and few hours of just hanging out Chris announced he was going to rent a verticutter. Uncharacteristically for me, I was on board. I usually toss a wary glance in his direction at such declarations as they usually end with 3/4 finished projects and messes for me to clean up.

Making a quick escape while I was doing dishes, Chris runs out after grass seed and fertilizer, comes back with those and a Halloween costume for Ben – voluntary shopping of any kind is odd. Must have been motivated by the threat of Ben having to wear one of Evey's old costumes. An hour later we are unloading the verticutter. Did you know those things weigh about 200 lbs? After just about dislocating my shoulder and cutting off a toe we got the thing out the car, my determination being fuelled by the fact that I wanted the bumper of my car to stay silver.

Commence cutting. I watched Chris be tossed around the yard push the verticutter around the yard. Looked like really hard work. Evey and I did laundry, 1000 loads of laundry, and made banana bread while Ben took a nap. After being thrashed around the yard by the devil machine he came in collapsed in a heap on the floor. I gave Evey the task of torturing him until he sat up – she has a way with tickling that usually ends with him getting kicked in the junk. That is a good motivator. I snuck outside to wrestle the hose into submission and set up the sprinkler. Not all that astonishingly it took me a good 20 minutes to figure out how to water the parts of the yard I wanted instead of the house and the neighbors yard.

Upon reentering the house I saw a freshly showered and revived Chris. We shuttled the kids off to his parents so we could sneak out for dinner and a movie. We found the best Mexican restaurant in all of KC quite by accident and then wandered off to see Burn After Reading. HYSTERICAL. And a tad bit disturbing. If you liked anything else by the Coen brothers this does not disappoint. Clooney is brilliant as the slightly off womanizing Harry Pfarrer. John Malkovich plays his usual angry, violent, astonoshing prolific with curse words character. Brad Pitt – oh, my word, is hysterical. Frances McDormand is quirky and funny. The writing is great. The plot is unique. The ending is the best ending to a movie I have seen in awhile. Well worth the $10 ticket.

Sunday…more laundry, watering the lawn, a trip to the mall, a hockey game….a generally perfect non-descript day was much needed after Saturday.

How was your weekend?

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