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So this is going to be the Twilight review post. I’m going to try not to get carried away. Right.

The General Review:

Twilight was good and better than I thought it would turn out. As a fan of the book series and a mid 30’s mom I went into the theatre realistic. It had the potential to be a disaster, but surprisingly it was decent. There is room for improvement. Rob Pattinson looks the part of Edward but there are a few times when his performance feels forced. Kristen Stewart on the other hand lives and breathes the role of Bella, she is spot on. The supporting cast for the most part are wonderful and Cam Gigandet’s James steals the show. 

A good date movie but certainly not theatrical excellence – but did you expect that it would be?


The Detailed Review:

You should probably stop here if you don’t want to be spoiled, though I tried really hard not to let anything slip….

The Good Guys

Before the movie I had done my research. I wanted to know who this relative unknown was that was going to be playing Edward. Could he act? Did he look the part? Well the acting part I couldn’t find out much about, aside from playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Robert Pattinson hasn’t done much that I could find. As for looking the part, yes he looks the part, in my mind. So the question came down to can this 21 year old British actor BE an angsty, self loathing, 108 year old vampire trapped in a 17 year old body. For the most part, he can. 

I didn’t know anything about Kristen Stewart but I was less worried about her – could you really mess up Bella? Okay, I’m sure someone could but really she’s just a girl. And much to my surprise Stewart knocked this one out of the park. She made Bella’s character better than she was in the book, stronger, smarter, a little snarkier and she was excellent.

The rest of the cast has dismally little screen time compared to the book. As some of the most beloved characters of the books the Cullen’s get very little screen time other than as eye candy and that’s disappointing. Those that do get a chance to talk fill their roles well especially, Kellen Lutz as Emmett and Elizabeth Reaser as Esme.

The Bad Guys

On to the bad guys. Absolutely brilliant. Out of all the casting these three by far are the best cast and end up stealing the show. Cam Gigandet is absolutely amazing as James, and Edi Gathegi as Laurent and Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria complete the trio. I can’t wait to see more of Rachelle Lefevre’s Victoria in later installments of the book series because she was absolutely chilling.

Should you see it?

Well, I can’t really answer that for you. If you read and liked the books then yes you should see it, you may be pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t read them then it’s just a fun movie that’s a little cheesy at times but what movie isn’t really? If you have a suspension of disbelief issue then this probably isn’t for you but then I would guess that sci-fi/fantasy probably wasn’t your thing to begin with.

The Wrap Up

My favorite scene – kiss scenes not withstanding, hands down without a doubt – the baseball scene which was my least favorite scene in the book.

A couple of warnings, though it’s really common sense… the cheesy lines in the book are still cheesy, they really need a different make up artist and stylist and you may leave the movie with the undeniable urge to go buy a Volvo. 

So overall….I like it. I didn’t love it. It was a fun movie to see and has great entertainment value. I went into it with realistic expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. 

What did you think?

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