what do I do with myself now?

After yesterday’s self writing soul bearing post I feel a bit at a loss for what to write today. At first I thought I would share some drawings with you but then I felt a bit sheepish about that because I don’t have anything that strikes my fancy to share just yet. Mind you I do have a couple finished pieces. Tomorrow perhaps.

Then I thought maybe I would dig into the depths of my soul and try to come up with something as good as yesterday and then I though, nah. Too exhausting. Those types of posts write themselves when they are ready to be written.

I briefly flirted with the idea of talking about Parent Teacher Conferences because I have many thoughts on those but then I thought better of that idea as I may be a bit biased at this moment due to the fact that I am currently engrossed in them.

And I almost posted about my newly re-found love of alternative/grunge music… I KNOW! Who would have thought? But I couldn’t get past the snappy first paragraph soo..

What have I left myself with? Not a darn thing. A post about nothing. No innate relevance, no glimpse into my inner workings, no peak at my past. Not even a funny story. Drivel really.

So I thought I might entertain the idea of drawing pictures for others since Brad brought it up. Any body have something they are dying to have drawn? Disclaimer: it will likely take me a rediculous amount of time to complete any requests that are seriously made as I am a slooowwwww worker.

And on a side note, why is my spell checker rejecting contractions these days? Are those going out of style? Do I need to spell out could not and do not?

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