why didn’t I think of this sooner

Let’s face it. There are some times as a parent that you just aren’t above bribery.

It works.

Ben is now 95% potty trained. 3 days. No accidents. He’s even asking to go potty.


Two letter: M & M (well that’s one letter but you know what I mean)


If I had known my 2.5 year old would sell his soul for M&M’s I’d have had him potty trained months ago. And we aren’t even talking a lot of M&M’s we are talking 2 for each time he actually uses the toilet. Not sits on it but uses it. Didn’t take him long to figure out he could logistically ask to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes and score chocolate each time. But I’m not complaining. I haven’t changed a diaper in 3 days.

And my 5 year old. She sat down and read 4 books tonight. On her own and sounded out 90% of them herself.


Well lets say she an enterprising young lass and she’s not about to be out done on the M&M front by her brother. If he can do it she surely can and she’s definitely already potty trained so we worked a deal that every book she read by herself earned her 2 M&M’s. She’s going to be reading chapter books by the end of next week. 😉

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