why does he speak russian?

Ben is so cute these days especially in his verbal abilities. He has just recently started to change the way he babbles and it’s my favorite stage. He’s past the googoo’s and the gaagaa’s stage but not quite to the "NO!" stage. It’s what I adoringly call the "Russian" stage. The babbles are all consonants and very few vowels. Some favorites are "voot" and "kutspk".

Evey has reached the "why?" phase and I’m about all why’ed out. Here’s a taste of our breakfast conversation…

Me: Evey put your shoes on.
Evey: Why?
Me: Because we are going to Amanda’s.
Evey: Why?
Me: I have to work today.
Evey: Why?
Me: (Here we go…) To earn money.
Evey: Why?
Me: So I can feed you.
Evey: Oh. Can I have a lollipop?
Me: No, we just ate breakfast. (Trying to head her off before the why…)
Evey: Why? (Denied.)
Me: Because lollipops will make your hair turn purple and your skin turn green.
Evey: No they won’t!

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