a plague upon both your houses

Now I really don’t wish a plague upon anyone’s house but I was trying to find a catchy title and really, what’s catchier than Shakespeare? What could be the purpose of such a title…well to lead into my tale of woe about the horrid 12 hour stomach virus I just survived of course. **And I should interject a disclaimer right here…after reading this post be sure to go wash your hands for the full 20 seconds recommended by 9/10 physicians and use some super industrial strength hand sanitizer so you don’t get this dreaded virus through the digital pathways of these here internets.**

I’m not really going to give you the gory details but Wednesday I had a funny jittery stomach and I couldn’t figure out why. Well about 2 pm when the fever hit I started to get a clue. Then at 4 pm when the stomach cramps hit I knew I was in for it. And seriously. I was in for it. Thank goodness it only lasted 12 hours because those 12 hours were worse than the 12 hours I spent in labor with my oldest. I can’t remember ever being that kind of sick before. It’s 36 hours later and I still can’t eat much more than crackers and toast.

So remember what I said – go wash. You really don’t want this virus. Really.