a week of bad karma

Whew, thank goodness this week is over. This has been a week of bad karma if I have ever had one.

Monday I am visited by my coworker with the news that we have two weeks to clean up and pack up our rooms as they are going to resurface our floors over spring break. Three quarters of school year is over and now the condition of the art room floors has been found to be an emergency. Jolly good. I considered saying I would hold my breath until they decided to wait until the end of the school year, but I dare say that wouldn’t work.

Tuesday, after a stressful day of 7th graders restless with Spring fever, I find that some unfortunate person has taken apart my stage flats from last years end of the year stage production. (Definition time – stage flat: enormous canvas used for general background stage design – usually around 7 foot by 10 foot) As I discover this it also dawns on me that we just passed our purchasing deadline for the year so I will now have to go grovel for funds to buy new brackets, screws, 1×3’s and an enormous amount of muslin.

Wednesday, I started the day greeted by my co-worker who is all in a tizzy about the resurfacing of our floors again. They changed the date to this weekend. Bugger. That does present something of a problem as we need to teach class all week and get our rooms emptied at the same time. Not to mention it takes 5 days for floor wax to cure. I mentioned that but I’m not sure anyone heard me.

Thursday – The pants I laid out for the morning had a huge hole in them along one of the fairly well worn seams. That did beg the question – was that hole there the last time I wore those? And I had to scurry about finding new pants.

Friday – well so far it’s too early to tell yet. I’m sort of waiting for someone to tell me that after I’ve gotten my room already to have the floors done someones going to appear and say “April Fools! We’re waiting until summer.”

How was your week?

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