Big Bugs

It’s been a while since I participated in Beth’s You Capture photography challenge and that makes me a bit sad because I love this challenge and I love the excuse to use my my camera for more than card photography… not that there’s anything wrong with card photography… I just want more. So anyway, this week’s challenge over at You Capture is anything outside. On Saturday Chris and I packed the kids up and headed to the local botanical gardens for a little time away from the house disguised as an educational outing, lol.  Chris has seen that Dave Rogers was exhibiting his Big Bugs collection and wanted to check it out. Let me just say that these are SO AMAZING. If you live in KC you should definitely check it out. While we were there I snapped a few pictures.


This is a stream that runs through the property. It was such an amazing view.


This is one of the GIANT ants from the exhibit. We were walking down a path quite far away from them and you could seen them peeking up over the grass.


This is one of the GIANT hibiscus plants from the gardens.


And my personal fave from the exhibit. This giant spider web and spider that was nestled back in the woods. It was such a great spot for this. And it was SOOOO cool. We actually came up on it from behind and could see it peeking through the trees.


In side the main building at the garden was a butterfly sanctuary with some of the largest butterflies I’ve seen. This one was stopping for a snack.

So that’s it for our weekend. If you’d like to head over to Beth’s you’ll see some other AMAZING photography. 😀


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