birthday and election wishes

It takes a long time to grow young. – Pablo Picasso

Today is Chris’s birthday. I’m not sure what he’s more excited about…his birthday or the election. It might be a tie. Right now he’s very graciously getting the kids ready for daycare while I’m standing in line to vote at way to early, still dark AM.

The kids and I have big plans for Chris today. Evey and I quietly snuck off earlier in the week to purchase a brand new shiny electric guitar and amp. Chris never asks for anything and this year he mentioned this…twice. Once to actually ask, the second time to make sure I didn’t forget and mess it up.  Geez, I can take a hint. Thanks to Chris’s best friend Brad and the ever entertaining Mr. Chris Cactus for taking the time to email me loads of information about guitar brands and styles and amps. It was invaluable.

Tonight we are headed off to my in-laws house (who ROCKS by the way) to watch the election coverage, make fun of the CNN analysts, eat homeade baked potato soup and listen to Chris pick out his first few bars on the guitar. (No, that’s not the cake up there but man I wish I was cool enough to make that…I’d be the best nerdiest wife ever. If you don’t know what that is up there, I’m not telling you because it’s just going to make me look like a huge geek just by association.)

And everyone…

Please vote today. (As if you could forget.)

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