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“Oh God, this is one of those key moments in life, when it’s possible you can be really, genuinely cool – and I’m going to fail 100%.” Honey, Notting Hill

So the quote about says it all. I’m bad at taking compliments. The worst. I blush, I squirm, I down play, it’s really pathetic. I want to be one of those cool people who know exactly how cool they are and graciously allow people to tell them all the time but it’s not me. Add to that my general dislike for calling attention to myself, now I can here some of you out there coughing and choking on your drinks based on the generally flury of activity around here lately but it’s true. I like to be a behind the scenes girl. That’s why this blogging business is so cool, I can hide behind my computer and act cool when really I’m a quivering pile of sarcastic insecurity.

So…. when Pseudonymous High School Teacher said she gave me a bloggy award my first reaction was quite literally “What for?” Then my sense of social correctness clicked in and said “Um, Jen, that’s not really nice. Just say thanks and smile sweetly (picture me smiling sweetly with a little blush – oh wait, you probably can’t cause I never post pictures of myself).” Digressing…So thank you!

And now the part where I bestow this honor on other fabulous blog (not that I’m lumping myself in this fabulous category – don’t go thinking I’m getting a big head or anything)…

Stamp Happens – this is a lovely blog about scrapbooking, Tonya is MUCHO talented.
Temporary? Insanity – Kymburlee is awesome and she knows it – you should be reading her blog.
The Vintage Pearl – Erin is a lovely lady who takes gorgeous pictures and makes lovely handstamped jewelry.
365 Days in My Live – Steph is also a photographer with a great blog.
Moments with Love – the title really says it all.
Star Fall Creations – Julie’s great creativity blog – it’s awesome!
And Javidan – who is last but most certainly not least, she has a wonderful artists blog with oodles of gorgeous pencil drawings.

The fine print:
If you choose to accept the above mentioned graciously bestowed award you must jump through the following hoops…

The rules, if I choose to accept this award, and it looks like I’m going for it, are:

  • The award may be displayed on the recipient’s blog.
  • Add a link to the person from who you received the award.
  • Nominate up to seven other blogs.
  • Add their links to your blog.
  • Send a message to each of those you awarded to tell them about the award.

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