Busy, Busy Bee

It was a super busy week/weekend around here. All last week was spent prepping for and manning a 5 family garage sale. It was AWESOME. We sold nearly everything we put out. It was great fun too – something about the whole process of decluttering the house is very energizing and restoring.

Ben has his first cold of the season. 🙁 This one hit him kinda hard. We went in Thursday for a well visit but it turned into a sick visit. Thursday he was significantly more wheezy than he had been on Wednesday and his oxygen was low so we spent his check up getting breathing treatments and steroids. He is doing well developmentally – he is a big time babbler and the doctor was very happy about that. He’s right on track for motor skills and his preemie status has about disappeared! We also got the excellent news that he has been approved for a second season of Synagis shots. Hopefully that will keep the dreaded RSV at bay.

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