Chapter 21: Breaking all the rules

“At this moment the King, who had been for some time busily writing in his note-book, cackled out `Silence!’ and read out from his book, `Rule Forty-two. ALL PERSONS MORE THAN A MILE HIGH TO LEAVE THE COURT.’
Everybody looked at Alice.
`I’M not a mile high,’ said Alice.
`You are,’ said the King.
`Nearly two miles high,’ added the Queen.
`Well, I shan’t go, at any rate,’ said Alice: `besides, that’s not a regular rule: you invented it just now.’
`It’s the oldest rule in the book,’ said the King.
`Then it ought to be Number One,’ said Alice. “

Alice - handmade card detail

Hello everyone!

Today we have a fun and rather rebellious challenge for all of you out there in WONDERLAND! We start out with a lovely sketch by Sammi:

Here’s my take: I flipped the sketch left to right and top to bottom and then I added a border strip across the middle… you know how I like those, lol. And I left off the sentiment. I hope that all falls within breaking the rules since that is what we are supposed to do today. LOL.

Alice - handmade card

I used a bit of Basic Grey paper that I’ve had hanging out forever and just haven’t found the right time to use and I used this gorgeous stamp from our Sponsor Spesch Designer Stamps… thank you Tracey for the opportunity to use these… they are GREAT!! And the winner of this week’s challenge will receive a $10 gift certificate to the Spesch Designer Stamps store… VERY COOL.

Here’s another detail shot…

Alice - handmade card detail 2

As always for me it’s beyond late so I’m going to head on to bed but be sure to head over to the Oh, Alice Challenge blog to get the full details on the challenge this week and to see all the amazing creations of the design team! They are fabulous!

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