Craft It Forward

My Grandma (on my husband’s side) always gets me a magazine subscription of my choice for my birthday (I LOVE THAT) and for the last year or so I’ve been getting Scrapbooks Etc. Now I know I rarely do layouts but I really love this magazine because I love seeing layouts and thieving ideas for my cards. So this last magazine had an ad in it for Craft It Forward. The name alone piqued my interest so I jumped online and did a bit of digging and it quickly became my New Year’s Resolution to do something worth while with all my cards and crafty projects and share them with strangers who might need a little bit of something bright in their day.

The January challenge over at Craft It Forward is to make something for kids in homeless or youth shelters. This couldn’t be a more motivating subject. Teaching middle school has made me more aware of just how many kids are stuck bad situations that aren’t of their own making but they end up being the ones to pay HUGE consequences. And while I don’t harbor any illusions that a card could turn their life around I do know that tiny little things like this can make a big difference in their attitude if even just for a day, so for January, my cards are going to go to our local Hope House to brighten someone’s day.

So my goal for 2010 is to focus at least one card project (or another project – who knows maybe I’ll dig my beads out again) a week towards Craft It Foward. (Granted I’m sure I won’t officially follow every challenge there – I just want to do something positive with this mass of cards I have!)

Anyone want to join me?

Happy New Year everyone!

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