So let me set the scene for you of last night dinner. Chris worked late so Ben and Evey ate early. Chris and I opted for take out since it was around 8:00 when we got to even think about food. I ran out and picked up Chris's ribs and my sandwich. Upon reentering the house we load up plates and head to the coffee table in front of the tv. Yes, I know we are teaching them great habits. Honestly, this only happens when they have already eaten, otherwise we sit at the table like normal folks.

So, we are watching a couple of really bad episodes of TIVO'd Sponge Bob while Evey crawls all over the couch in between us. As Chris wraps up his dinner he gets to the spiced apples that came with it. He decides that Evey needs to try them. Here is what happened next:

Chris: Here try some of these, they're very good. (waves spoonful of apples in front of the Evey's face)
Evey: No thanks.
Chris: They're really good. (again with the waving)
Evey: I don't want to. (mouth firmly clamps shut)
Chris: Oh, you're missing out, they are amazing.
Evey: I don't want any.

I'm going to interrupt right here to say this went on for about 15 minutes. Chris is really stubborn. The only person I know that is more stubborn than him….Evey. You can imagine that this could have gone on all night.

Chris: It's soo good. Mmmmm Mmmmm.
Evey: No.
Chris: Starts with the airplane noises. I can only guess that the purpose of treating her like a 10 month old  was to stun her into opening her mouth since it had been firmly glued shut for the last 20 minutes.
Evey: Just crash it right here, daddy. (points to napkin on the table)


Me: bursts into hysterical laughter almost causing me to fall on the floor.
Chris: starts snickering as to not seem too outwitted by his 4 year old daughter.
Evey: just sits with a smug smile on her face.
Chris: admits defeat and eats the rest of the apples.

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