Things are moving, albiet slowly, but they are moving. After 4 days in
the hospital they determined he has an infection from surgery he had a
little over two weeks ago. It’s agony to see him like this. His kidneys
shut down for 48 hours and during that time he seems to have lost most
sense of time and reality and is frequently found saying the most
bizarre and random things. His breathing is labored, his whole body
aches with muscle atrophy, he is pale and weak. The antiboitics are
finally working and each day brings a small amount of improvement.
My mom is holding up well, my brother is a rock and my dad’s younger
sister is a saint. My aunt has taken up residence at the hospital with
Dad for the last 3 days and she is just an angel. She takes his verbal
assults and crazy comments with the greatest of ease. Mom has turned to
auto pilot as she tends to do in difficult situations, survival is a
skill she has learned well. Bill, my brother, keeps his greatest
attribute – humor – at his side at all times and keeps all of us sane.
Me, well, I tend toward the auto pilot as mom does, get through today
and face tomorrow head on.