Friday Fragments #1

Today was one of those generally non-descript days that leaves you feeling like there’s nothing noteworthy happening to you and everything is just blah.

I taught 7th graders today and I felt blah, which is sort of unlike me.

I have a cold that doesn’t seem to want to put the effort into making me really sick so I just have a slightly runny nose, a cough that appears only when I’m 1/2 through my start of class monologue or when I lay down to sleep.

I have the largest pimple I have had in ages. (That’s noteworthy, I know.)

I worked on a sketch of Evey today – it’s turning out nice. It’s a lot tighter in style than the one of Ben that I finished last week so it’s slower going but it should be done soon, hopefully this weekend.

Ben has a habit lately of cracking himself up. He’s the funniest person he knows. It’s hilarious.

I’m going to head to bed to watch TruBlood with Chris and fall asleep in a NyQuil induced coma.

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