i must be talking to myself

seriously. I must be talking to myself. Friday: class is wrapping up, students are putting their work away. everyone gets back to their seats. I say, "Okay guys, just a reminder, your final review packet is due Tuesday, your Optical Illusion project is due Tuesday and your FINAL is Tuesday. let me know if you need to take any supplies with you so you can finish up. Have a great weekend, see you Tuesday." (my classes don’t meet everyday they meet every other day.)

I’ve said this everyday for TWO weeks, easy. maybe three.

the first thing I heard when my 7th graders walked into my room today:
student as they read the white board: "WHAT??? the final is TODAY????"
Me: "Uh yeah. I’ve said that everyday for the last 2 weeks."
student: "WHAT! My homeroom teacher said they were Thursday and Friday."
Me, annoyed now: "Hmm, that’s a bummer. Maybe it would be best to listen to ME when I tell you when MY final is for MY class."

I’m sort of getting the feeling that when I talk the kids hear that garbled noise of the teacher on Charlie Brown and not a real voice.