ice day numero dos

Today is snow ice day number 2. We are all about to climb the walls. Why is it that I don’t really have to go any where until I’m told that I can’t go anywhere? Do I really need rechargeable batteries for Princess Peach’s game right this second? Not really. But something in my brain has snapped and forced me to scrape the car off and brave the horrid streets in search of said batteries.

My other snow day epiphany is that I am officially old. Remember when snow days meant freedom from the established routine and it was awesome and all you did was dream of the day when you weren’t going to have school because of snow. Well now that I’m old, I still crave the snow day and the old feeling of freedom it’s just that when the snow day actually happens I find myself missing my routine and productivity instead of reveling in the wonder of the day of freedom. What’s next? Am I going to start waking up at 5 am even without my alarm? Nah.

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