I’m that girl.

That’s right, I’m that girl. The type that sits glued the scores Sunday night on ESPN. The type that clicks back and forth between Monday Night Football and South Park, because we all know who really owns the remote in this house…and it ain’t me, it’s Chris. I know everything there is to know about my team. Who is hurt, who is having a good season, which colleges I would like to pay to take their players back, I’m on top of it.

Yet I know absolutely nothing about football (okay, I’m exaggerating, I know more than nothing but just barely). Because I LOVE fantasy football. The thrill of watching your team to do well, the agony of seeing a star player injured, the frustration of seeing 45 points sit on the bench while your starters post single digits, it’s all part of the glorious, time sucking, brain cell wasting game. And I love it.

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